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As you might have already figured out after browsing this site, the worst about SR-22 insurance is that it's quite expensive. You will be billed (a lot) more than what you used to pay for your old liability coverage. However, it's not the end of the world, and this article will guide you to getting cheap SR22 insurance.

Why SR-22 insurance is expensive

When you have been convicted for DUI or other serious traffic offense, insurers will regard you as a high risk driver. From a statistical point of view, you actually are a high risk driver – the odds of drivers with a SR-22 requirement to commit a second offense are quite high. You do need to understand, however, that it's a game of numbers – while you do pose a threat to the insurance company, they also evaluate individual driving records and adjust the policies accordingly. Therefore, some drivers pay a lot more for SR22 coverage than others.

dollars savings signMaintain a clean driving record

It's imperative that you stay out of trouble for the whole SR-22 filing term. A second conviction could boost your premium through the roof or, worse, you could lose your driving privileges for good. Letting your insurance lapse also leads to harsh consequences – your driver's license will be revoked immediately and you will have to go through the filing process all-over again. The three year term will also be reset.

Shop around

Don't grab the first SR-22 policy you lay your eyes on, just because it looks like a good deal. Ask around and compare offers from more insurance companies and choose the most affordable one. Using an insurance comparison site would be a good idea – it saves time and also lets you compare policies head to head, i.e. you will know that you are comparing prices for the exact same insurance package.

Go with a reputable company

Don't buy insurance from a company no one has ever heard of just for the sake of a few dollars saved. While smaller companies may, indeed, offer more affordable packages, they may also delay your claiming process or simply run out of business overnight. Do a bit of research and look up the company's reputation and financial ratings. Surveys and evaluations published by A.M. Best, J.D. Power or Standard & Poor's should be a good start.

Ask around for references

While having a SR-22 requirement isn't exactly something to be proud of, it can pay up to reach out and ask for opinions from your friends, relatives or people in your online social circles. Word of mouth advertising works like a charm, and if someone is happy with how much they pay for their SR-22 insurance they will most likely recommend that company.

Shop online

Companies with a strong online presence can usually afford to offer lower rates than their brick and mortar peers, while maintaining the same quality of service. They have lower overheads related to rent, utilities and sales personnel, which usually translates in lower prices. Paying online (with a credit card or money order) also speeds up the process.

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