SR22 Insurance

SR22 Insurance Cost

SR22 insurance costs vary from one insurer to another. This article will give you an insight on how much you can expect to be billed and some ways you can lower the costs of your SR-22 insurance policy.

Costs associated with a SR-22 policy

Stash of $100 billsSimilarly to regular policies, insurers have certain criteria to weigh when quoting you on SR-22 insurance. The cost of an SR-22 policy will depend on the severity of the offense committed and how the insurance company evaluates the risk you pose to them. Having been convicted for DUI would increase your premium to anywhere between three and ten times the original value, whereas a few unpaid tickets could at most double the cost of your insurance.

The direct costs associated with filing the SR-22 form with the state DMV are in the range of $20 (some companies may charge $15, others $25).

How to get cheaper SR-22 insurance

SR-22 insurance costs will be higher than what you used to pay in the past, and there is nothing you can do about it. However, with some diligence on your part you can get fairly affordable rates. Here are some tips.

Final considerations

Having to file a SR22 is unfortunate, and you will have to reach deeply into your pocket. You won't be able to avail any of the discounts you may have had in the past, and you might even have to look for another insurer if the old one doesn't offer SR22 insurance packages.

However, you need to stop crying over spilled milk, move over it and practice good driving habits. Don't make the mistakes you did in the past and wait patiently for the SR22 requirement period to end.

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