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SR22 Insurance Form

Sample Auto Insurance FormSR22 isn't a type of insurance, but rather a proof of financial responsibility, a certificate which shows the authorities that you hold the minimum form of liability insurance required by your state. It is a form that has to be filed with the local DMV to assess that you currently hold at least the minimum liability insurance, and you will usually need it to have your driver's license restored.

SR-22 requirements are state-specific and whatever one state asks for might not apply to another. However, if you already have an SR-22 requirement and move your residence to another state, you will have to carry on with the initial requirements by the end of the required period of time.

You can file your documentation with any company that offers SR-22 insurance. Here is how you should go about filing your SR22 insurance form.

Contact your current insurer

Call or email the company you currently have a policy with. Explain that you have to file for an SR-22 and ask for assistance. Not all insurance companies offer SR22 services, so you may have to switch carriers. Ask the agent for specific details on their procedure. For more details on insurers that deal with SR-22 forms check out the article on SR22 insurance companies.

Have your driving re-assessed

The insurance company will have to re-evaluate your risk rating and offer you a new quote based on your new standing. It may even be that they will refuse to insure you, so you will have to shop around for other deals.

If you can't find a company willing to sell you insurance, contact the DMV and ask for a list of companies in the "assigned risk" program – they are the last resort for drivers with a poor record who cannot close deals with regular insurance companies. It goes without saying that the premium will be substantially higher, but it's the only way you can have your driving privileges reinstated.

Decide on which type of coverage you will get

Comprehensive or collision coverage for SR22 drivers is usually quite expensive, so consider getting only liability insurance, especially if you drive a cheap car. If you don't own a vehicle you can get a non-owners' SR22 insurance, which is much cheaper than a regular one.

Pay the premium and get your policy

Some insurance companies will file the SR22 insurance form with the DMV, while others will mail it to you, ask you to fill it in and mail it yourself. There is usually a processing fee between $15 and $40 if you want the insurer to file the form for you.

Once the form has been registered with the local authorities, you should have your driver's license restored shortly. The best way to speed up the process is to pay by credit card or money order, since the payment is registered and processed instantly.

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