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A SR22 form is a filing required by the court, which proves that you have the minimum insurance required by the state you live in. Getting such a conviction is not the end of the world, so once the court has ruled that you need SR22 insurance it's high time you start looking for the best quotes.

How to get SR22 insurance

Payment slipIf you have shopped around for the best car insurance quotes then you know how the process works. Most car insurance companies also offer SR22, so you can try an insurance comparison website. Alternatively, you can contact an independent agent in your area who specializes in high risk auto insurance.

Companies that assist you with filing the SR22 form will help you with the procedures that vary from one state to another, in exchange for a modest fee. Filing a SR22 can be a tricky and confusing process, so a licensed insurance agent with good knowledge of the nation-wide procedures can save you lots of time and hassle. It often pays up to hire such a company than going through the whole funnel all by yourself.

On average, prices range between $300 and $800 a year and depend on a variety of factors, like

Information you will have to provide

Once you have picked a company to get your SR22 insurance from, here is what you will be asked, other than the usual information like personal details, marital status and driving experience:

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