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SR-22 is not a type of insurance, but rather the name of a form that the insurers file with the state's DMV. The certificate issued by an insurance company testifies that you have an insurance policy that allows you to drive on the state's public roads. It is issued to high-risk drivers, as per a court's requirements, when you have been caught driving while intoxicated, have operated a vehicle with an invalid license (expired, cancelled or revoked) or with expired license plates.

Sample SR22 Insurance formThe purpose of the SR22 insurance

The SR22 insurance certificate shows that you are in compliance with the state's minimum Financial Responsibility Requirements – in other words, a proof that you hold a valid liability insurance policy with at least the minimum limits required by the state you reside in. A SR-22 certificate is required to reinstate your driving privileges if your license has been suspended as per a court's decision.

Types of SR22 certificates

SR-22 certificates come in three forms, based on whether or not you own one or more vehicles or have frequent access to one.;

Operator's certificate

Also known as a non-owner's certificate, this policy covers you if you don't own a vehicle and nor does anyone from your household. Since it's assumed that you don't drive a car frequently, hence the lower risk of getting involved in an accident, non-owner's SR22 is the cheapest on the market.

If you have been convicted for a DUI and the court has decided that you must operate vehicles with an Ignition Interlock Device (IID), you cannot get an Operator's SR22 Certificate for obvious reasons – the cars that you are going to drive occasionally aren't likely to have IID's installed.

Owner's certificate

As you might have guessed, you will need an Owner's SR22 Policy if you own one or more vehicles. Each vehicle has to be listed on the SR22 certificate, or you may get one that works with "All owned vehicles".

Operator's-Owner's certificate

An Operator's policy doesn't cover you if you drive a vehicle that you own, nor does an Owner's one protect you if you cause an accident while driving someone else's car. An Operator's-Owner's Certificate protects you in any of these scenarios, and is the right choice if you frequently drive cars which may or may not be yours.

The cost of SR22 insurance

The fees for filing the SR22 form are quite insignificant. Some companies offer SR22 filing for free, while others charge a nominal fee between $15 and $60. The major issue, however, is with the real cost of the auto insurance, which is often proportional to the seriousness of the violation that lead to the SR22 requirement.

Main factors that will affect the cost of your SR22 insurance

Next to the seriousness of the offense, the other factors that are going to have an impact on the new premium level are, in no particular order:

How to keep the cost of your SR22 insurance down to an acceptable level

girl behind driving wheelThere is not much you can do about your age and gender, and I have yet to hear about someone getting married just because of the auto insurance costs. Moving to the suburbs or out of state wouldn't be a good idea either. And no, not everybody can switch jobs that easily. Let's see what is there to do though, and how you can go about lowering your insurance costs:

Cancellation of the SR22

An SR26 is the form that the insurer files with the state's DMV when your SR22 is no longer valid due to a cancellation of your auto insurance, a lapse or whatever other reason. Once the SR26 is filed, the local authorities will immediately revoke your driving privileges (the process may take up to two weeks in some states though).

Once the legal term is over, the insurer will most likely file the SR26 and readjust your premium. However, remember that it is your responsibility to notify them that your filing period is over and let them know that they have to undertake the legal procedures.

Should you, at any point, wish to voluntarily give up on your driving privileges, you may hand over your driver's license to the local DMV and notify your SR22 insurance company of your decision. You must currently hold a valid insurance policy and your license mustn't already be suspended or revoked. Depending on your insurer's terms, you may even be reimbursed for the time remaining until the end of your policy.

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