SR22 Insurance

What is SR26 Form?

The SR26 form is filed whenever the SR22 certificate is no longer needed or the insurance policy has been canceled. Shelf with auto insurance law booksThe SR22 certificate is the way your current insurance company notifies the local DMV that you have the minimum required form of coverage. When it is no longer needed, the insurer will file a SR26 form with the DMV. Should the proof of financial responsibility still be required, the filing of the SR26 will lead to the revocation of your driving privileges in a matter of days.

About the SR22 form

The SR22 form is required after a serious traffic violation which can be any of the following:

Depending on the seriousness of the offense, the court of law will rule a SR22 filing period of time. The usual term is of two or three years, but some states can require up to seven years of filing.

About the SR26 form

The SR26 form simply states that you no longer have a SR22 policy with that company. It can be filed for any of these reasons:

If a SR26 is filed and you still has a SR22 requirement, you will have to start all-over again with the SR22 filing if you want to be allowed to drive. Some states will even reset the filing period – in other words, if you have had a three year filing period and canceled your policy after two and a half years, you will get another three years of SR22 when you request it again.

Moving out of state

Some states will eliminate the SR22 requirement when you move out. However, if you fail to notify your current insurer on your intent to move, they will file a SR26 once your insurance lapses and you will have trouble getting a driver's license if you decide to move back. To avoid this situation, you should file a request to have your SR22 waived before moving out.

Final considerations

The SR22 requirement isn't something to be happy with, yet it's not the end of the world. It will put a heavy impact on your budget – the insurance cost will go through the roof – but, the sooner the filing period is over, the better. Don't cancel your policy, don't let it lapse and only have your insurer file the SR26 when the legal requirement is over.

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